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Carol Rogers

Development Scientists, Pellucere Technologies, Inc


Solar Energy


USA, North America


“Carol has developed a water-based anti-reflective coating (ARC) that gets applied on already installed solar panels without a factory ARC. Her formulation helps increase the efficiency of the solar panels by 3-3.8% (theoretical limit is 4.0% for ARCs). Her water-based formulation is particularly important to the industry because, unlike other solvent based formulations, it has zero VOCs, further helping clean up the air in places where these coatings are applied. States like California have VOC constraints which limit the amount of ARCs any one county can apply to solar panels.
We anticipate in 2024 and 2025, Carol’s formulation going into about 1GW of solar panels in the continental US, Europe, the UK and India, increasing the solar panels ability to generate 3.8% more energy that otherwise would not have been captured.

Carol has her chemistry degree from the University of Arkansas and has been a contributing member to Pellucere since 2020.”