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Emma Gilmore

Sales Engineer, Powin LLC


Battery Storage


US, North America


“Emma is passionate on the transition to resilient renewable energy and brings a host of skill sets with a strong work ethic that has been instrumental in creating real change in the market. She played key role in forging Powin as a Storage leader & creating technical value for our global clients. Energy storage is essential for the transition to a sustainable, carbon-free world, and Emma has been at the forefront of this clean energy revolution over the last 5 years!Alys frequently spends time with clients, setting up workshops and meetings to fully understand and analyse their challenges. She uses this information to help draw up new projects that can help them achieve their goals.

Having an Account Manager like Alys isn’t just a blessing for us, but one for our customers as well. Her focus is simply to provide the most value possible, and give customer’s the best experience possible.

I can’t advocate for Alys enough; her energy, her attention to detail, her tenacity and optimistic attitude are all infectiously positive traits that have made her core foundation of Hark’s commercial team. Her influence touches the Solutions, Product, Marketing and Sales Teams at Hark, helping to inform on what renewable challenges customer’s are facing, and how we can help.

If anyone should be recognised for their work in Renewables, I think Alys should be. For her commitment to identifying and implementing efficiencies within enterprises.”