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Phoebe McLaughlin

Product Lead, Hark


Solar Energy




“As Product Lead at Hark, Phoebe has been integral in driving innovation across the business, and has helped elevate the team by bridging the gap between the commercial and technical sides of the company. Under her leadership, Hark’s product team has grown substantially, with Phoebe providing invaluable mentorship to help team members expand their skills and responsibilities. A passionate advocate for mental health and wellbeing, Phoebe goes above and beyond as a mentor at Hark. She consistently prioritises creating a supportive environment where the team can thrive both professionally and personally. Her empathetic leadership style is an asset to Hark. Phoebe has been hands-on across Hark’s entire product portfolio, from understanding and designing products in the utility provider space, to working with the Hark Explorer team to discover, design and produce fantastic features and functionality. What sets Phoebe apart is her incredible ability to dive deep into understanding how industries work and working closely with other within those industries, possessing the remarkable ability to distil complex information into well-crafted product designs and informed decisions. Phoebe’s expertise lies in effectively communicating these insights to the wider business and engineering teams and enabling the creation of outstanding features that directly solve real customer challenges. For her instrumental leadership driving renewable energy innovation, her mentorship impact across Hark, and her passion for delivering solutions that accelerate the clean energy transition, Phoebe’s contributions are vital to a sustainable future.”